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Our Services

When you see the name All-Make Auto Care, it pretty much speaks for itself. We service all makes of vehicles, large and small, foreign and domestic, we do it all, providing you with the best service

• Computer Diagnostics
• Engine Overhaul – Emissions
• Tune Ups
• Balance & Rotate Tires
• Cooling – AC / Heating
• Smog Testing & Repair
• Oil Changes & Filter
• Rear Ends – Front Ends
• Transmission
• Water Pumps
• Transmission Fluid/System Flush
• 4-Wheel Alignment
• Power Steering & Brake Flushing
• Battery Replacement – Alternators
• Cooling Flushes
• Struts/Shocks
• Complete Suspension
• Timing Belts – Starters
Computer Replacement
Complete Exhaust Service

As we all know, the state of Massachusetts sets very high standards when it comes to what kind of condition our vehicles are in that are registered here.

state inspectionWe provide state inspections that consist of both safety and emissions tests, for all cars and trucks, including diesels, making sure that each vehicle is up to the states standards.

If for any reason your vehicle does not pass, we will give a thorough explanation as to why it failed, and what it will take to get it back to the condition it should be in.

Feel free to even drop your vehicle off, and we’ll give you a call once the inspection is complete.